Ryan Miu, author of B Grade Cyclist, dressed in Parramatta Cycling Club kit.

About B Grade Cyclist

We will never be pro cyclists. We’ll never sprint like Cipollini, climb like Contador, or time-trial like Tom Dumoulin. Heck, let’s face it, we’d be dropped in the neutral zone before you can say ‘Broom Wagon’.

But none of that matters.

Because, although we’re ordinary at it, we love bike racing.

We love the challenge – gritting our teeth for one more pedal stroke. We love the thrill – dangling off the front of a chasing bunch. And (very, very rarely) we love the glory –  standing atop a podium, hands in the air, coffee money in our jersey pocket.

B Grade Cyclist is about living, riding and racing as an amateur cycling enthusiast. It’s about rolling turns in the dark before heading off to a desk job. It’s about the humble volunteers who keep local cycling clubs alive. And it’s about pinning on a coloured number as often as we can.

Through this blog, I aim to raise the profile of grassroots bicycle racing in New South Wales, starting with Sydney. I hope to encourage more people to take up cycling, more cyclists to join a local club, and more club members to race.

So, whether you race A Grade,  B Grade, C, D or E Grade – or even if you’ve never raced at all – if you have the passion for cycling, but not quite the legs, this blog is for you.

About the author

My name’s Ryan. After working as a commercial lawyer, I left the legal industry to pursue a career in the cycling industry.

I’ve started this blog to hone my writing skills and to share my enjoyment of bike racing. As a Christian, I believe this beautiful sport gives us a glimpse into God’s goodness and generosity – since he created it. I hope this blog helps you appreciate that, too.